Buggy Books
Buggy Books is a self-publisher of children's books by Michael Zook, illustrations by Linley Zook, and beta reading by the Zook kids! We strive to develop thoughtful, enjoyable, and purposeful children's book stories for the entire family. Michael's first children's book, Hadrian's Purpose, was first released in 2018 as a mission trip fundraiser. Most recently, he has published a children's poetry book about play and imagination called The Dark Park. It also encourages kids to engage with those around them who are different or have varied needs. The idea for the name Buggy Books came from Michael's Amish heritage but with a modern buggy twist and a cute bug mascot. Be on the lookout for more of "Buggy"...maybe he will eventually get his own children's book story.
Michael Zook

Growing up in a military family, Michael has had the opportunity to travel the globe. With this background, he has always looked to serve those around him. Early on, this drew him to teach and lead in the public schools and now drives him to serve in the field of aerospace, supporting our men and women in military service. Always curious, he continues to pursue new adventures with his family and enjoys backpacking, hiking, rock climbing, and running.
With a foundation as a writer for Disney and a passion for supporting special needs students, his writing paints a world of wonder for children. Never at rest, he continues to broaden his experiences allowing him to offer great depth to the reader. Explore his purposeful stories and begin to see the world a little differently.
Linley Zook
Illustrator, Book Designer, Editor
As an illustrator, designer, and editor, Linley’s work for Buggy Books is the culmination of decades of creative experience. Watching her father draw and paint landscapes at an early age inspired her journey as an artist. She continued to deepen her knowledge with a BA in Visual Communication Design always looking to expand her skills. After working several years in video production/tech support, she started Linley Creative focusing on virtual assistant work, design, and illustration. See more of her work at linleycreative.com.
Adventure has always been a part of her marriage to Michael. They have been able to slide into the oldest salt mine in Germany and explore the beautiful terrain of Taiwan. They have two amazing children who bring inspiration and joy to their lives everyday.
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